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Welcome to Maharani Arts of India!

"Dance is a gem of Indian culture, transported time over time, through the poetic tales that the dancer reveals, where gestures, drama and dance are one in this ancient art. A kind of prayer in motion, depicting the game of gods and their interaction with the human world. An art in which dance is the key that includes theater, music, poetry, color and rhythm, and whose message is directed not simply under perceptive, but especially the inner soul of both the dancer the viewer." 

MAHARANI ARTS OF INDIA is the Dance School & Dance Company founded and directed by Maya Devi.
It has been the first school of Italian dance to propose courses of gypsy dances of Rajasthan and Kalbelya and to inaugurate the first professional course of Bollywood Dance certified by the Italian Federation Dance.

The company MAHARANI ARTS OF INDIA performs in shows, cultural events, exhibitions and openings and also for private parties. Organizes Bollywood & Indian style shows with Indian and exotic themes inspired by the cultures of India and Asia, and workshops with international artists throughout Italy and abroad.

Maya Devi is a dancer and teacher of Indian dances at the international level. artistic director of Nomad Dance Fest and Mayur Indian Dance Fest. From 1996 she travels to India and performed in historical places and in front of important people. She collaborates with Indian institutions to transmit Indian culture in Italy by organizing festivals and cultural events by inviting national and international artists of Indian dance.
Maya is a member of the INTERNATIONAL DANCE CONUNCIL-UNESCO and as a dancer and member of CID teaches and organizes internships throughout Italy.
In 2014 Maya Devi was nominated by the FEDERATION ITALIAN DANCE the only MASTER COACH PROFESSIONAL and technical director of Bollywood Dance sector in Italy. And 'Master abilitated and competition judge and examinations of the professional course Bollywood dance organized by MAHARANI BOLLYWOOD DANCE ACADEMY in Milan.